This Week In Infographics: Live The American Dream And Poop On Your Keyboard

This Week In Infographics: Live The American Dream And Poop On Your Keyboard

Tis the time for all the boys and girls to find out who made the cut in infographics of the week. Let’s just get right to it. According to our viral infographic for Keeping It Kleen, 1 in 6 people have poop on their cell phones. This infographic explores the disgusting truth behind many commonly used items in the home. Then we move on to the American Dream that seems to be slipping out of reach. However, the infographic brings some much needed information to the table, to help us better understand the housing market and maybe have a shot at the American dream after all. We then take a turn to education, MBA rankings, and traveling nurses. What does it take to get an MBA these days? And what are the amazing perks of being a nurse who travels around the country? Finally, we have included a video infographic that explains why the world has 7 billion people. There is a great abundance of awesome information here. You’re welcome.

1. | Tech Germs

16% of Cell Phones Have Poop on Them

2. | Is the American Dream Still Attainable

Is the American Dream Still Attainable? [Infographic]

3. | What Does it Take to Get an MBA?

4. | Travel Nursing Jobs

5. | How Did We Get to 7 Billion People So Fast?


  1. What a great site Loving it! [ Scrapejet] SDF434SD

  2. Great collection of infographics here Kristina! I’ve shared the Tech Germs too ooh la la yuk! šŸ™‚

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