This Week in Infographics #72: Entertainment

This Week in Infographics #72: Entertainment

You may or may not have heard about Cap’n Crunch’s new late-night talk show on YouTube. There seems to be quite a buzz around it. This first infographic looks at the top five reasons the Cap’n makes such a spectacular talk show host.

Next up, in honor of Dr. Who turning 50, we look at the history behind the character. This infographic looks at the different people who have played Dr. Who as well as some other interesting facts about the character and show.

Lastly, we take a look at the top 1,000 YouTube Channels. This infographic offers some great statistics surrounding the top 1,000 YouTube channels and focuses on the value to advertisers.

1. The Cap’n Crunch Show

Capn crunch

2. Doctor Who Turns 50

Doctor Who Turns 50
Doctor Who Turns 50 is brought to you by

3. The Top 1,000 YouTube Channels


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