Skype Down?

Skype Down Many of you may have noticed that Skype is not working. According to the Skype Blog:

UPDATED 14:02 GMT: Some of you may be having problems logging into Skype. Our engineering team has determined that it’s a software issue. We expect this to be resolved within 12 to 24 hours. Meanwhile, you can simply leave your Skype client running and as soon as the issue is resolved, you will be logged in. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Additionally, downloads of Skype have been temporarily disabled. We will make downloads available again as quickly as possible.

As of 11:20am EST, Skype is still not working. I’ve seen it appear to be connected, but no users show up as online. Hope that they will be up soon!


  1. D. Church

    Skype is down in S. Korea as well, despite rumors that this is primarily affecting Europe and no users in US appear” affected. However, my spouse in CO, USA says it was up and down showing users connected then not.

  2. brian

    @D. Church: wow, sounds like a real worldwide outage – thanks for reporting to us all the way from South Korea!

  3. Kirk M. Schafer

    I will confirm D. Church’s assertion; Skype is most definitely sporadic in the US. We tunnel to remote locations and Skype is (except for one session that lasted only a few seconds) non-functional, i.e., failing to login, at multiple locations in the central US.

  4. brian

    @Kirk: do you mean that it is currently sporadic, or has happened to you in the past. Typically, it’s been very reliable for me.

  5. Kirk M. Schafer

    Oops-I can see how it looks like that. I meant “at this moment.” I noticed that I could not login this morning (it’s been this way a few hours), verified this with my contacts, and ended up here while exploring the issue. To be fair, Skype is (and has been) a *very reliable* service.

  6. Matty C

    It’s out in the UK too. I been trying all day cos I need to do some Skypeout calls overseas. Must say it’s been very reliable for over 3 years of use, this has been the longest outage.

  7. brian

    @Matty: thanks for giving us a report from the UK!

  8. brian

    @Kirk: that’s what I thought you meant, just clarifying.

  9. Mark

    Skype also out in Poland – so feeling a little cut off

  10. brian

    @Mark: thanks for the report in Poland!

  11. Daniel

    Skype is also unavaliable in Denmark.

  12. brian

    @Daniel: thank you for the Denmark report as well!

  13. Ian

    A colleague I regularly chat with in Pakistan has e-mailed to say it’s down there too. I’ve been watching it connecting for a few seconds, here in the UK, then going off again.

  14. Justin

    Skype is out completely in Texas. Just thought I would throw that out there.

  15. Peter Ivanov

    Skype is not available in Bulgaria Too

  16. Matt

    Skype is out in Wisconsin, US! Just bought a Skype phone two days ago and I was getting a bit leary about the service until I read some of the blogs in here. Thanks for the comments of the good quality service of Skype. I plan to use it instead of the traditional phone.

  17. Charles White - Dallas, Texas

    Skype Login Page indicates their system is down. Logins are disabled and new software downloads also disabled. No ETA on when it will be back up.

    I guess I will haveto wait to try out the new SkypeForiPhone service….


  18. brian

    Ian, Justin, Peter, and Matt: thanks very much for your reports!

  19. beetraham

    Skype out and gone wild in Finland too πŸ˜‰ – let’s hope things will get resolved asap

  20. Mantviss

    skype is out in Lithuania too πŸ™

  21. Mario

    Skype is out in Austria too – for more than 10 hours already!

  22. Steven

    Skype is out in Guyana (South America)

  23. SEBI

    Skype is unavailable in Hungary too.

  24. John

    Sooooo frustrated. I use it for IM and long distance calls at work. Gonna try out Jangl or Jaja and see if it can work for the calling.

  25. fred

    it is out in US- San Francisco area as well….

  26. brian

    @beetraham, mantviss, mario, steven, sebi: thanks for the outage reports! I’ll have to make a map of everyone’s reports! Keep them coming!

    @john – haven’t tried either of these services. Please let us know how they go.

  27. Michal

    Skype is out in Ireland too.

  28. brian

    @fred & michal – thanks for adding, more to add to the map πŸ™‚

  29. Francis, Infopirat

    Down in Germany and Westafrica (Cape Verde) too. Seems to be global…

  30. kzk

    Skype is being down from this morning here in Italy too, many friends of mine noticed the same problem: just not connecting, or connecting for a few second, showing no contacts online.

  31. brian

    @francis, kzk: 3 more sites to add to the map, thanks!

  32. Eric

    Skype’s been out all morning in California.

  33. Eric

    And I know from contacts it’s out in China as well.

  34. Stolichnaya

    Look, come down guys. It even says on the website – “Skype is not a telephony replacement service”. Just dust off your pho

  35. Franky

    Skype is down in Switzerland… πŸ™

  36. brian

    @eric, and franky: thanks for the locations!

    @stolichnaya: agreed. While Skype is a great service, I like having a backup phone as well.

  37. LouP

    Out in Belgium too….

  38. Sture

    It is out in Sweden all day as well for most users. Been wasting far too much time todaythinking it was an Microsoft Security update or an Norton update that caused the problem…

  39. Damijan

    Skype is down in Slovenia… I’ve tested several IPS (SiOL, UPC Telemach etc.). I even updated my Cisco Linksys CIT 400 πŸ˜‰

  40. Starbuck

    OK folks, let’s get over it. Skype is down and up worldwide, and has published an announcement about it at Heartbeat.Skype.Com and elsewhere.

    Never rely on the internet as your sole source of communication. You should have a land-line where possible, mobile/cell with alternate service if possible. Your business should not rely on any one server and you should always ask yourself how you plan to call for help if an emergency occurs and one service or another is down. Welcome to the 21st century.

  41. kevinm

    Skype has been, and is still out in Australia

  42. Alastair

    Its now midnight in the UK. I tried older versions of Skype and still the same problem. It seems a little better now; I mean I get connected and see about 390K users online (I have never seen it that low!). Then it looses the connection and goes into its connecting cycle again.

    I wonder if someone is creating a ‘denial of service’ attack on Skype? I mean flooding their servers with network traffic? If so then there are some really sick people out there πŸ™

  43. Jack Weller

    In my case skype failure to connect coincided with (auto) installation of windows XP patches. MS made these patches available for download yesterday.
    Assuming 90%~ skype-p2p computers Windows (XP) based one may relate these two events ^-^

  44. Nancy

    Skype out in Mexico all day, possibly last night as well, who knows, my internet was down as well…..ahhhhh….TelMex.

  45. brian

    @starbuck: good point. On a similar thought, you wouldn’t trust Google or Yahoo maps if you were racing to a hospital. Technology doesn’t replace a brain and common sense πŸ™‚

  46. brian

    @kevin: thanks for checking in – you’re the first to respond in the Southern hemisphere πŸ™‚

  47. brian

    @Alastair: thanks for the UK update! It is possible that someone is flooding the Skype network – I’m anxious to hear on how this all pans out.

    @Jack: wow, adding those other patches at the same time probably added to the frustration.

    @Nancy: sorry to hear, but I’ll add Mexico to the list!

  48. rajkumar india

    kya ho gaya hai bhai kuch karo

  49. Crimsonkittie

    Skype is most definitely down in the US … well up and down… its logging on and off and no particular intervals. If it comes on .. you can make calls and it will remain connected even if is goes back to saying connecting. I hope it’s fixed soon. I hadn’t realized quite how dependant I have become using Skype. It’s a great service.


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