Julia Vidito Pierce

Talent Manager/Business Development

About Julia

As of May, 2013, Julia’s position changed from Social Media Researcher/face drawer to Talent Manager/Face Drawer (notice there are now more capital letters). Don’t worry! Julia still does research, but now she also manages talent! In addition to her own many talents (whistling exactly like that one ringtone, knowing a song for every word in the dictionary, eating an unfathomable number of York Peppermint Patties, looking at stuff under water), Julia also helps others to figure out what kinds of talents they have. She enjoys working with people one on one to give them the feedback and attention they deserve. She also likes to say things like, “YES! We’ve all decided you can have the day off.” and “Hey guise, fill THIS form out for time off. …No, THIS one. …No, ok THIS is the right one for real.” As you can see, Julia has clearly gone from being a unicorn (as previously seen here) to glorious Pegasus. Next thing you know, we’ll have a fiery Phoenix on our hands. Look out world!