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Infographic Design

Everyone has heard the overused phase “content is king” by now. Problem is, you can’t just show up and expect your coronation.  Infographics have taken the digital world by storm. The culmination of graphics, stats, charts and a bit of humor gives the reader an incredible mnemonic device that will serve them for some time to come.  Deep recall is a far better goal than a couple of short blog posts or a 100 page whitepaper. In the information age, brevity and supreme content is king.

Not to mention that it will get you more traffic and links than just about any of your other digital campaigns.

Success Stories and our portfolio:

Larry Kim, Founder/CTO, WordStream, Inc.

“We’ve had tremendous success in partnering with NowSourcing for infographic concept development, production and promotion on several projects. The infographics are very effective for brand awareness building, link building for Search Engine Optimization, and even lead generation. One infographic that we developed talked about the Most Expensive Keywords on Google was prominently featured in Wired Magazine, The Guardian, and TechCrunch and about 100 other sites. Another project on Google Revenues was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fox Business and Inc. Magazine, and about 50 other sites. We wouldn’t have been able to generate such a high number of press pick-ups without a compelling and professional Infographic design.” – Larry Kim, Founder/CTO, WordStream, Inc.

A few of our clients

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