Meet The Pets Of NowSourcing!

Meet The Pets Of NowSourcing!

Have you ever found yourself wondering where the Internet comes from?  No, it’s not from Al Gore or outer space.  It’s made by real people just like you.  Even though we make the best infographics the internet has ever seen, we here at NowSourcing are regular folks who have pets JUST LIKE YOU!  Check out some of the pets of NowSourcing:


Pet’s Name: Guido

Favorite Treat or Toy: He usually steals my kids’ stuffed animals when they’re at school and snuggles them all day.  He lives for peanut butter and car rides.

Funny story or fact about your pet: Even though he weighs in at a stout 130 pounds, he thinks he’s a lap dog.  I love snuggling him but sometimes it hurts, lol.

Maggie's Dog


Name: Guster Augustine “Gus” Alan Fuller-McFarland, A.K.A. The Goose

Favorite Toy: His laser pointer, my headbands or EOS chapstick pods.

Story or Fact: Gus enjoys sleeping on clean laundry, hiding from strangers, and long walks on the crotches of sleeping humans. Despite his almost-identical appearance, Gus’s actual breed is not Siamese, but Scaredy. He’s a scaredy cat.

Sieanna's Cat


Vivian (aka Vivi or Viv)

Toy: Fishing pole rod looking thing with a feather attached to an elastic string.When I get home from work she sits underneath the shelf she knows it’s on and meows at it for an hour. It’s ridiculous.

Story: She loves sweets. She will pick pineapple off your pizza. She loves caramel. If she even remotely smells caramel she freaks out to the point where you can’t really even eat without locking her in the other room.


Her name is Splender. it’s true that she is a dog. Showing here.


Pet’s Name: Kelly (Nicknamed “Baby Vicious”)

Favorite Treat or Toy: Her colorful caterpillar affectionately named Wormy

Funny story or fact about your pet: When she was a kitten, she would hide behind doors and jump out, standing on her hind legs and waving her tiny paws, when I would walk by. I was naturally terrified and would scream like I was about to be murdered, which would then scare her, and we would run away in opposite directions.

 Kari's Cat


Pet’s Name: Jan Banjovi (Banjo) and Gemmy Page

Favorite Toy:

Banjo – Empty boxes/baskets (great place for hiding out until the next “surprise attack” opportunity; Gemmy – Banjo.  He loves to run around and wrestle his brother.

Funny story or fact about your pet:

Here is a picture of Gemmy feasting on 2lbs of mozzarella that fell on the floor.

They both like to walk across my keyboard and change the voice settings while I’m playing music.  Once, one of them kept trying to get off the keyboard, but his little paw kept hitting one of the high notes every time he tried to step down.  It scared him every time and he’d quickly step back on the keyboard.  Took about 6-7 tries before he realized the sound wasn’t going to hurt him if he jumped down.

 Julia's Cats