Case Study: How Basketball Stats Turned Into a $64 Million Contract

Case Study: How Basketball Stats Turned Into a $64 Million Contract
Infographics are everywhere and have been making great strides into new industries in recent years. We felt that sports analytics was ready for deeper, more meaningful work. After seeing all the success of Sabermetrics in baseball, we looked to other sports to see what were the latest trends. We saw that basketball was ripe with opportunity.
We came across a report on the NBA’s most underrated player – Tobias Harris – and all the pieces fell into place.

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Social Media Mentions:

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Chris Broussard - ESPNEven Tobias Harris himself shared it on Twitter.


The Result:

NBA Announcement of $64 million 4 year deal for Tobias HarrisAfter receiving greater visibility from the infographic and study, Tobias Harris received a 4 year, $64 million contract with the Orlando Magic.

“This infographic gave people awareness of who Tobias Harris is and his great accomplishments at such a  young age of 22.  People weren’t talking about him at this level prior to such a dynamic feature on Tobias’ strong season.

— Torrel Harris

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