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10 Best Infographics Of 2016

10 Best Infographics Of 2016

I can’t believe it’s almost 2017. Looking back over the last year’s bumper crop of infographics was a nice stroll down memory lane. Here are the 10 best from 2016. Enjoy! (Here are the best from 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010)

1. How To Take A Selfie

Featured on Brit.Co and Teen Vogue

2. Don’t Get Hooked: How To Recognize And Avoid A Phishing Attack

Featured on Adweek’s Social Times and Tech Republic

3. Backpacking 101

Featured on Distractify and Matador Network

4. How Much Does It Cost To Buy The Presidency?

Featured on Yahoo Finance and Entrepreneur

5. Police Use Of Force

Featured on AP Big Story and Police Magazine

6. Inside America’s Gig Economy

Featured on Make Use Of and Tech Cocktail

7. Psychology Of Color In Unicorn Companies

Featured on Design Taxi and Inc

8. Cannabis As Medicine

Featured on Collective Evolution where it received 42.5k shares

9. What Does The 2nd Amendment Really Mean?

Featured on Zero Hedge

10. Rare Pokemon

Featured on Lifehacker AU and Design Taxi

Thanks for looking and Happy New Year!


Looking for more? Here are a few honorable mentions:

How Language Affects Your Color Vision

Everything You Need To Know About Day Of The Dead

How To Know If Your Doctor Is Good