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How The Pandemic Changed American’s Breakfast Habits

The pandemic has changed a lot about the way we see and do things and breakfast is no exception. Companies like Bob Evans are helping change American’s breakfast habits for the better. Learn more in the infographic below:

How The Pandemic Changed American's Breakfast Habits

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56% of Americans — and 87% of parents — are too busy to make breakfast in the morning during the workweek


Work From Home Changed Breakfast

    • The pandemic prompted many Americans to change their eating habits
      • In 2020, 85% of people changed their eating and food preparation due to COVID
      • The number of Americans cooking at home increased by 38%
        • 2019: 37%
        • 2020: 60%
    • Breakfast Remains A Staple
      • 70% people continued eating breakfast most days — about the same as before the pandemic
  • From 2019 to 2020, home consumption of common breakfast items grew
      • Pancakes: +25%
      • Waffles: +20%
      • Sausage: +16%
      • Bacon: +15%
      • Cereal: +11%
    • Many Americans turned to breakfast items as comfort food, increasing demand — often not limiting breakfast to morning meals
    • Nearly half of Americans started making healthier breakfast selections than before the pandemic


2 in 3 people make it a high priority to eat breakfast during the workweek


The Importance Of Breakfast

  • People who make breakfast a priority do so to
      • Satisfy morning hunger: 57%
      • Start the day in a great way: 51%
      • Stay full until lunch: 47%
  • The Benefits Of Breakfast
    • Improve Health: Breakfast foods deliver more fiber, calcium, zinc, iron, and vitamins A and C
    • Lower Risk: Breakfast may help lower your risk of type 2 diabetes and lower cholesterol
    • Better Focus: Breakfast can help you be more alert, focused and happy — reducing brain fog
    • Increased Learning: Breakfast before school may help kids achieve higher test scores
    • Better Choices: Breakfast can help control hunger so you make healthier food choices throughout the day
  • Eating breakfast first thing in the morning isn’t for everyone — but most of use aren’t skipping breakfast because we’re not hungry
    • Those who skip breakfast do so because 
      • There isn’t enough time: 32%
      • They don’t feel hungry: 29%
      • Food isn’t available: 14%


63% of people would rather have an extra hour of sleep than get up early to cook breakfast


The End Of Skipping Breakfast?

  • Half of Americans think breakfast is the most time-consuming meal to make 
    • The most difficult part of making breakfast during the workweek is
      • Actually cooking: 40%
      • Deciding what to make: 39%
      • Cleaning up: 38%
  • 3 in 4 Americans purchase refrigerated heat-and-eat breakfasts at least once a month to make breakfast prep easier
    • People want refrigerated heat-and-eat breakfast items because of 
      • Convenience: 60%
      • Taste: 58%
      • Price: 51%
    • 2 in 5 are more interested in these items than before the pandemic 


Don’t let your weekday mornings go by without enjoying a healthy and tasty breakfast.

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