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These days, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur.
Thing is, it’s not always so glamorous.

Join Brian Wallace, President and Founder of NowSourcing each week as we feature a new guest and their struggles to the top of their game.

WeeklyWisdom #6 - Dan Streeter

Old School and New Tools Featuring Dan Streeter // (01/31/2016)

WeeklyWisdom #5 - Jeremy Pepper

Consult or Go Full-Time? feat Jeremy Pepper @jspepper // (01/31/2016)

WeeklyWisdom #4 - Ebong Eka

How to Get Media Attention featuring Ebong Eka – // (01/19/2016)

WeeklyWisdom #3 - Lucretia Pruitt

What do you Want to Be When You Grow Up? feat Lucretia Pruitt // (01/10/2016)

WeeklyWisdom #2 - Brian Hughes

Interview with Brian Hughes of Integrity Marketing & Consulting -> The Unlikely Entrepreneur: How to Win When You Shouldn’t // (01/04/2016)

WeeklyWisdom #1 - Alex Yong

Interview with Alex Yong of Small Business Trends on how to work with large brands // (12/27/2015)