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Infographic Marketing Interview With Wordstream

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Brian Wallace,  founder of NowSourcing, was recently interviewed by Elisa Gabbert of WordStream.  The interview focused on using infographics in marketing campaigns and why they’ve become so popular over the past several years.  Brian also answered questions regarding the decline of blogging, social media marketing, and how SEO fits into a designer’s world.

Here’s a snippet of the interview:

Social media infographics are a great way to compress a great deal of information into a relatively small space and reading time. Let’s say your average reading time through an infographic is about 2:30 – the amount of verbiage that you’d need to convey the point otherwise would be considerably longer. That, coupled with the fact that infographics are a visual learner’s dream makes the infographics irresistible.

WordStream is a search engine marketing software company with advanced SEO and PPC tools to help make your search marketing campaigns better organized and more profitable.  You can read the interview in its entirety on WordStream’s blog.

WordStream is a provider of PPC Tools and a Free Keyword Tool.



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