This Week In Infographics #2: Google Made Lots of Money in 2011 and Generation Y Rocks

Remember like five years ago when all the world saw in Gen-Y were a bunch of lazy gamers and Lindsay Lohans? Not to say our generation doesn’t have its share of pod people living through avatars, but look at us now world! This week in infographics has a common theme: Google: the history and the revenue, new stats on Generation-Y, and the power of mobile. We also want to pay tribute to the Better Business Bureau on their 100th anniversary – it takes a lot to stand the tests of time, especially our times.

1. | When Larry Met Sergey

(Select Image to Begin)

2. | Breaking Down Google’s Revenues in 2011

What Industries Contributed to Google's Billion in Revenues? [INFOGRAPHIC]

3. | The Millennials: Best Generation Ever


4. | The Power of Mobile


The Power of Mobile Workforce Management



5. | BBB 100 Years

BBB 100th Anniversary [Infographic]




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