Thinking Small: The Power of Making Progress Every Day

Thinking Small: The Power of Making Progress Every Day

For many of you that know me, no doubt you’ve heard me tell others that they need to #ThinkBig.

Sometimes you need to think small.

What Happened to Thinking Big?

Am I being a hypocrite? Nope. 🙂

Thinking Big allows you to visualize the win and see the big picture in the long term.

Thinking small on the other hand lets you take the small steps to reach your goal.

Make. Progress. Every. Day.

Personal finance guru Dave Ramsey is a big fan of a key scene in the movie What About Bob?

In this film, Bill Murray is afraid of just about everything. Yet, he receives some great advice on taking baby steps.

Dave Ramsey’s plan on getting out of debt is based on baby steps.

If getting out of debt for generations to come in your family is possible through baby steps, what else can be achieved through making progress every day?

What did you do today to make things happen?


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