Peter Answers – Interactive Souls Engine

Peter Answers - Interactive Souls Engine

PeterAnswers, the self-touted “Interactive Souls Engine” and “virtual tarot” is really no more than a fancy prank.Spoiler warning…read on for more info

If you’re still reading this post, you want to know how the system works.
Simple: hit the period key to start writing the answer, and start writing out the answer. Your answer will be masked by “Peter, please answer” in the petition box.

When you are done writing the answer, type in a period again, and you can finish writing out the petition. Once you write a colon, you’ll be on the answer line. Write out your answer. Then, when you write a question mark, the answer will load.

If you do this correctly and nobody is watching you type, you can keep people guessing for a while!

For those of you that are visual learners, here is a tutorial:



  1. jennifer

    what new site is this and is the real game fake to?

  2. brian

    the site is It isn’t fake – just follow the directions in my post and you will know what is going on.

  3. F.K

    if i try it it dont works ,, but if my friend trys it it works ,, so WTF ?

  4. Anonymous

    It took me an hour to find that Peter answers is a prank!

  5. brian

    @anon: lol, should have come to me first 🙂

  6. Jenn


    thanks for the info! Very helpful!

  7. Brahinem

    if it’s my friend trying it , peter always answers, but if it’s me talking (typing) i never got a response :s .. what should i do ? :s

  8. kaylee

    wdf it dnt even work it takes up 2 a week 2 work da fing n wen it works its crap neways fnx x x x x x

  9. emme

    i was really freaked out at first when a classmate showed me the peteranswers. i thought it was some kind of devilish or evil stuff

  10. sush

    i really dont know if i got to trust this its been close to 3 hours ans i feel m wasting my time on this does it really work?

  11. Graciee

    He wont talk to me, Peter that is. He will talk to my friends but not to me. I honestly dont know what to do. Is it a Joke? Is it real? Ha, I actually want some answers =]

  12. shania

    omg i cant believe u lot aint clocked dis yet!!! haha wen ppl in ma class did it too me i woz goin crazy i swear i woz soo freaked out!!! but the silly fing is they woz askin me wot to type in so say i wanted 2 ask it wot my dogs name woz d boiz would ask me wot my dogs name woz so i told them lol but coz dey kept askin 4 my answer i got abit suspicious and lied so i told em my dogs name woz sophie wen reli it woz amber so wen sophie came up i forced it out of em lol soooo heres the trick…
    instead of startin off wiv a p for peter put a full stop then the answer too the question ur gonna ask but ppl wnt no ur ritin the answer coz it’ll cum up as ‘peter please answer:’ then wen you’ve finished typin ur answer do another full stop and press the spacebar if ur answer is more then 1 word long.
    then type in ur question click ok then TA-DA theres ur rigged answer!!! lol quite simple wen u get the hang of it!!!

  13. Ashley

    Omg! We we’re in class and my friends tried this on mee. I thought they filled out information when i wasn’t looking, like the computer asked them questions. So i was really freaked out, i swore my graphics teacher was stalking mee or something and typing it in. Well, thanks now i finally know…but i feel like an idiot:] So… i’m off to try it on someone else who hasn’t heard about mee totally falling for it♥

  14. Mandy

    It sucks, because I honestly hoped it would work. My guy friend was just pulling my leg. I knew something was up when I asked it who I had a crush on, and my friend kept asking for the answer, so he could eventually type it in himself.

  15. Iliki

    WTF>>>>I tried to do dis, and it wont work!!!!! I think peter is a jerk who uses favoritsm cuz it alwaz works 4 my bud, ya digg??

  16. Katie

    omg, the guy who made that website, peter jones, i used to date him! He was a total psycho, though. He thought he was, like, psychic or something!

  17. some1

    itz not fake its easy to work out

  18. olivia herman

    yo yo yo whats up it wont work when i try it wont work for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Emily

    My best friend Samantha, tricked me good. I have to give credit to peter, thats a really trickey website.

  20. Guest

    Excuse me people! you are all liers! Learn more and you’ll know that your ashamed!

  21. Guest

    He is real. you just have to know him thats it.

  22. Guest


  23. Maria

    It Is All fake… Dont Believe … It is Such a java Programming…

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