eBaum’s World Acquired for $17.5 Million

eBaum’s World

HandHeld Entertainment has announced that they have acquired Rochester, NY based eBaum’s World for $17.5 million.

eBaum’s world has been very popular in the user-generated content (UGC) area, serving up jokes and prank type material since its inception in 1998. Due to all of the latest Web 2.0, social news, and probably the fact that it isn’t the latest and greatest shiny toy like FaceBook, ebaumsworld.com’s site ranking has been on the decline over the past year.

Taking a closer look at the numbers: what’s interesting is that it had a significant spike in traffic as can be seen on both Compete (1054 up to 954) and Alexa (1620 up to 959). Last minute push prior to acquisition? Who knows.