Starting a Blog: Fit Your Personality

Similar to my prior post on selecting the right blog platform, today I’m blogging about finding a blog platform that best fits your ability and personality. It seems that some blogging communities are more heavily focused on a particular topic than others.

Tech Blogs


Typo seems to mostly be used by technical people (example: Robby on Rails). You’ll actually find that a great number of blog platforms have technical blogs. Geeks like to blog!



if you’re an aspiring artist or photographer, maybe a photoblog is more of what you are looking for. Photoblogging platforms such as fotolog are useful for this purpose.

Flickr is also great for this purpose. While Flickr isn’t usually labelled as a blog platform, some people create photostreams similar to a photoblog.

What’s great is that you can really photoblog on any blogging service. If you are comfortable with blogger, you can use it to photoblog as well.

CarbonmadeCarbonmade is a good example of where designers hang out. It is a great service to present an artist portfolio. While not exactly a blog, you can put together a nice album and slide show of images just like the others, yet with a very clean UI.

Video Blogs (vlogs)

Most blog platforms allow for video integration, so there is no need to get a blog that only does video. Most people use Google Video or YouTube to upload their video, and then post to their blog. It will be interesting to see what how Google ends up with 2 different video channels, especially when Google Video ads are much less obtrusive than YouTube.

Your Truman ShowAlso worthy of note in this category is the up and coming Your Truman Show. Very interesting, relatively new site for posting your video stories. It’s still in beta and has a very neat Web 2.0 look and feel.


  1. John Kaiser

    I am interested in seeing the Truman show concept blog.

  2. brian

    @John: yes, it’s quite an interesting concept. Kind of like a better laid out YouTube.

  3. attesiapsili

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    voi compartecipe piacevole fatto le informazioni =)
    A capretto era desideri a faccia corsi pisa .
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    Hm.. Noi desideri elimini completo luoghi su corsi di inglese.
    Puo essere colto male ….