How do you Find the Time to Blog?

How to find the time to blog
With the life and work demands all around us, the question is how to find the time to blog. Like anything, time management for blogging is a must.

Here is my quick list on how I spend my time blogging:

research and revise. I’m always working on different posts and have interests all over the map. I like to read up on Web 2.0 and tech, but also religion, politics…all sorts of things. So sometimes I’ll come across and interesting factoid, quote or picture. I will note this and put it in my posts in progress box. Sort of like David Seah’s picklejar.

quality links. Along the same vein as research mentioned in the point above, I try to go out of my way in terms of quality links that will truly give value to the reader. Anyone can just take the easy way out to Wikipedia (and hey, sometimes the articles actually are better). Still, you should strive the original content that will help extend your points and give credit where credit is due.

freeflow. This part here is about style. Sometimes, I start flowing like a spring when it comes to writing. I’m the kind of person that works better with creative bursts with ideas and inspiration coming from different directions.

promote yourself. If you missed my post on how to promote your blog, this would be a good time to catch up. When you spend a good amount of time and effort writing about something that matters, you should value yourself enough to share it with others. You have a gift – share it!

Remember that few people are professional bloggers. People blogging are people like you – journalists, marketers, business folk, hobbyists and the like – are all trying to balance their work/life schedule. This should be a fun experience for you writing about something you care about! If it isn’t, perhaps you should either find another topic to write about or find something else to do.


  1. Jay

    I like the way you put this together. Straight, simple and if you do it right it’ll work!
    Great Job 🙂

  2. brian

    @jay: thanks for the kind words – hope it helps you!


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