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Google Sky Released

Google Sky Released

For those of you that are big fans of Google Earth, this should be a big treat for you. Google has released a Beta version of Google Sky yesterday, giving users the ability to look around space in the same familiar Google Earth interface.

Google Sky Screenshot

To use Google Sky in Google Earth, click on View -> Switch to Sky or click on the Sky button. Here is an instructional video released from Google that goes into further detail about its features:

Move over street view, here comes lunar craft view! 🙂


  1. Matt Keegan

    I heard about this on the news yesterday. I guess street views aren’t enough for Google, so why not explore the cosmos? I’ll have to check it out as I understand we will be able to see celestial objects not readily available to the public.

  2. brian

    @matt: just curious. Did you hear about this first on here or on the news? Looks like you can’t hide from Google, not even in space!

  3. Megan

    Hi Thanks for the Update on Google Earth. I just downloaded it and didn’t know this was a new feature. Google does have the upper edge in, compared to Yahoo. Will be interesting to see what new things Yahoo will be releasing

  4. brian

    @megan: you are most welcome. It seems to be a useful feature, and yes, it will be interesting to see if Yahoo takes any action to make its claim in space 🙂

  5. schlicken

    You know, this seems like a pretty cool idea to me. I especially like that they show you the constellations. This could really be helpful in a school setting.

  6. brian

    @schlicken: that’s a great setting for using Google Sky that you’ve proposed here!

  7. Matt Jones

    Thats a great pic of the Crab nebular you have there :D, I use it for my avatar in lots of places… it’s a small universe I guess.

  8. brian

    @matt: that’s pretty funny. Microsoft hasn’t even claimed it yet 🙂


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