Caching 9-11: A Look Back at Search

September 11 - Tribute in Light MemorialToday marks the 6th anniversary of the September 11th attacks – this year being the first time the date falls out on a Tuesday since then.

Here is a flashback to 9/11/01 in search:

Danny Sullivan was on the scene reporting how all the major search engines tried to assist in keeping the world informed with the latest news by both putting special messages on their homepage and serving cached versions of CNN coverage. (This was long before came out).

CNET had reported on it as well, including the levels of availability on the major news sites.

The main real estate of the old Yahoo homepage was dedicated to the attacks:

The Yahoo homepage made 9/11 information readily available on September 11, 2001

May we never know such destruction again.


  1. michellebrowne

    We can be thankful for the WWW and all the changes that have come since then to keep us all connected and informed about what’s going on in our world, including such a powerful event as 9/11.

  2. brian

    @michelle: well put, thanks for the comment!