Netscape Announces New Social News Site: Propeller

Propeller, the new home of Netscape social news

I was very pleased to see that Tom Drapeau, Director of Netscape has finally put the rumors to rest with a post earlier today on the Netscape blog:

The Netscape social news experience that you are currently using today will be migrated and revealed soon at We’re working hard behind the scenes to ensure a smooth transition before we officially launch at this new destination.

Really, I couldn’t be happier. It would have been quite a shame to just simply throw away Netscape. Techcrunch still insists that Netscape social news, in any form, will be dead in 12 months, pointing that its success is at least in part due to type-in traffic. Netscape social news doesn’t need those training wheels anymore, having over 300,000 registered members, not to mention over 109 million monthly uniques. It has more traffic to its site than other popular social news sites such as Reddit, Newsvine, Slashdot, and Ma.gnolia.


  1. Website Design

    I wonder how well this will work out for netscape. also I wonder if it’ll have anywhere near the impact of sites like stumble upon or digg.

  2. John

    yeah I like how Techcrunch gives the site a year, I bet when they originally launched they also gave it a year, and when the next year goes by, who do you think will say “I give it a year”

  3. brian

    @john: let’s give them a year to make up their mind 🙂