Reddit Reveals New Features

New features have been rolled out to RedditIt’s official. Reddit has launched some much needed improvements from Beta. From the Reddit blog:

You may have noticed we haven’t released anything substantive in a while. Well, so has Conde Nast. In light of this, we made some quick changes that are part of a bigger redesign coming soon.

We rearranged the login area to accommodate a new ad size. We also added a handful of new subreddits that should both target under-represented communities on reddit, and can be sold by the lovely ad-sales team.

(emphasis added by me)

Several bloggers have been commenting lately on the different types of content that Reddit users prefer. Having all these new subreddits should really change the landscape nicely.

The old subreddits:

Layout of the old subreddit section on the Reddit homepage

The new subreddits:

Layout of the new and improved subreddit section on the Reddit homepage

It might look like a small thing, but having all of these new communities promoted on the Reddit homepage may have Reddit naysayers giving a second look.

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  1. riomx

    I’m sure the conspiracy downmod tards will still find a way to bury all the good stories.


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