Breaking: Propeller Live, Netscape no Longer Social News

Propeller, the new home of Netscape social news

Breaking news – has officially been ported over from Netscape. Users going to will now be directed to the AOL / Netscape portal that has a similar look and feel as Yahoo:

Netscape / AOL portal


For those wondering how the new Propeller will work differently from the old Netscape social news site, so far it appears to have kept user profiles, friends, stories, and the like intact. The only apparent changes are that the site is now branded with Propeller logos instead of Netscape:

Propeller Social News

Also, it appears that the Netscape team will be making the site more stable, spam free, and robust. As Tom Drapeau, Director of Netscape / Propeller writes on the Netscape blog:

“We do realize that there have been undue performance problems and a few technical glitches over the past few weeks. Let me apologize for this poor user experience, and assure you that we are hard at work in fixing these. We have also had more spam escape our filters lately, and I want to apologize for that as well, and give thanks to all of our great members who reported these stories as such.

Also, we are not happy to simply stand pat with our existing features. In the near future, we will be able to share information about our new social news platform, which we are extremely excited about. It will bring together the best of all worlds: a world class design team, an advanced website platform, and a host of new and interesting ways to enjoy social news.


  1. Dan and Jennifer

    It would have been nice for them to put up a landing page asking people to choose which of the sites they’d like to go to. Looking forward to see how fares – hopefully it’ll keep a lot of the Netscape momentum and build it’s own larger following.

  2. brian

    @dan and jennifer: yes, I would have preferred a bit more gentle of the Propeller site being ushered in. Really, I was right in the middle of submitting a story today when they cut over 🙂

    Still, I think that Propeller will fare well. It is up to us to get the word out to the Netscape community that Propeller social news is here to stay!

  3. brian

    @tad: was in a hurry to get the word out. Links have been added now 🙂