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Breaking: WordPress New Version Released

Wordpress New Version 2.3 Released

WordPress version 2.3 has officially been released. Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, is even going so far as to throw an upgrade party at his apartment.

This is a pretty major update for the WordPress blogging platform. It has added some great new features in group publishing – users can now not only save drafts, but can also save posts for pending review.

Wordpress post status pending review for blogs with multiple authors.

Full tagging support is now provided as well.

Wordpress version 2.3 will allow you to assign tags to individual posts.

Read more about the latest changes in my previous post.

Keep in mind that this upgrade is for bloggers that have a self-hosted, or WordPress.org blog. Be sure to download the new version, but remember to back up all posts and database first (useful tips on how to do so here):

Download the new WordPress Version 2.3


  1. Dan

    Definitely looking pretty awesome. Can’t wait to install it and give it a whirl. Its the answer to my week-old need for some sort of user-contributed-post support.

  2. brian

    @dan: user-contributed is interesting. Sort of an invitation-only to repeat visitors of your blog?

  3. Rubab

    all other social sites are being updated why not WordPress

  4. Stephanie

    If you know any sites that give a full in depth instruction on how to hook up a word press blog to a domain name, I would greatly appreciate it… or if anyone can help me.

    I seem to be struggling big time!