Choosing Your Conference Strategy

Choosing your conference strategy

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As previously stated, I’m heading off to the SMX Social Media 2 day conference in New York. You might ask, “Why on earth would someone spend over $1,000 just to sit around for 2 days in a conference?” I’ll tell you why.
Strengthen your network. Sure, everyone goes for networking. Pure networking events are a cheap, vapid date. Make the most of your time not just blitzing to see who can get the most business cards, but rather to establish quality contacts. For folks that you already know – perhaps you’ve never met them face-to-face before. Take the time to build your network, brick by brick.

Who here likes money? Let’s face it – an event like SMX doesn’t just bring in Social Media experts, but it also attracts the attention of major businesses – ones that have the deep pockets to afford your world-class services šŸ™‚

Take notes like a beast, and be humble. Don’t think you know everything. If you’ve ever been a programmer, you know that there is someone that always knows more. Same goes for social media – especially in the fact that many of these systems are new and not fully fleshed out in both deployment and feature documentation.

We’re all pieces of the puzzle in social networking. It is important to note that you may know something that even the seasoned professional does not. Share the love and work together, and you may be pleasantly surprised. Small bits of info shared at these conferences can prove to be very useful. Know-it-all folks need not apply. šŸ™‚


  1. Marty

    Well said. I’m looking forward to meeting you here in NYC.

  2. brian

    @marty: you know it, man. Strengthening the network at its best.

  3. Carrie2

    Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You


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