StumbleUpon Will Love Us Even When Google Doesn’t

StumbleUpon FTW

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With all the attention that Google Pagerank is getting now *yawn*… it’s a good time to talk of about the effectiveness of StumbleUpon.

SU has really been on a tear lately. According to Alexa, Stumbleupon has never ranked higher in its history, currently ranked 170 . It is also becoming more mainstream, now having over 3.7 million users (consider they only had 1 million in July 2006).

StumbleUpon Alexa Ranking

When I started writing this post, I was only going to talk about the StumbleUpon Toolbar Update for Firefox. If you’ve used Firefox recently, you’ve probably been prompted to install the latest toolbar update. Not sure about you, but I don’t like not knowing about what I’m upgrading. So the geek in me did a little digging and I came across the StumbleUpon for Firefox Changelog.

The update is worth it – see the StumbleUpon Blog’s report on SearchReviews:

StumbleUpon SearchReviews

You can now see who the friend that thumbed up each page in the SERPS.

Also while doing some research on this article, I came across the Unofficial StumbleUpon FAQ. There is some pretty good information on this page, such as giving premium users the ability to create their own groups (you might be surprised how effective a good group can be).

Here are some further resources to help your StumbleUpon knowledge:

StumbleUpon Help Forum

StumbleUpon Beta Toolbars

Here is a good pictorial on how StumbleUpon actually works:

How StumbleUpon Works

click on the image for a larger version (h/t arleas)

As social media and (quality) blogging now allow sites to rank very quickly, it will be interesting to see how this all pans out. Especially with a more level PR playing field.


  1. Matt Ellsworth

    great overview! I think you hit the nail on the head.

  2. Eric

    Great Post! Thanks!

  3. Megan

    Great Review. I see a lot of die hard stumblers here. I am with you. I use both. I think a good point is with Stumble upon and networking you build a respect for People. Regardless sometimes how targetted a group is it is much better to work with people who have already gained some respect from you social networking.
    Megan Vaillancourt

  4. David Deangelo

    StumbleUpon gave me a massive amount of traffic around August 2007 for a post I didn’t put much thought into. Crazy!

  5. dave so

    stumbleupon gives bursts of sporadic traffic, but google provides sustained long term traffic. both should be aimed for if you are trying to get decent traffic.

    dave so’s last blog post..Riga Stag do

  6. Joe

    Curious if there has been follow up on this. Does Stumbleupon still hold the same weight in the serps as it used to? I’ll stay subscribed to this thread in case anyone posts a thought on this.

    Joes last blog post..I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little


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