New Social Media Group Blog: Collective Thoughts

Collective Thoughts

I’m pleased to announce a new social media group blog that I’ll be posting regularly on. The name is Collective Thoughts, and we’ll be featuring some of the greatest social media minds, including:

  • Andy Beard
  • Brian Wallace (aka nowsourcing)
  • Glen Allsopp (aka viperchill)
  • Mark Laymon(aka aglobalwarming)
  • Marty Weintraub (aka aimclear)
  • Rose Sylvia (aka flyingrose)
  • Shana Albert (aka thenanny 612)
  • Tadeusz Szewczyk (aka tad chef)
  • Tim Nash
  • Come check it out, and while you’re there, subscribe to the feed!  We’ve also entered it in the MyBlogLog contest, so if you like what you see (and how can you not 🙂 ), join our community!


    1. Glen Allsopp

      Nice one, look forward to ‘getting stuck in’


    2. brian

      @glen: welcome to the revolution 🙂

    3. kelvin newman

      nice one on putting this one together, a bit of a dream team.

      bet you’ll do well on sphinn aswell 😉

    4. brian

      @kelvin: thank you and so far it does appear that the collective thoughts articles have been doing well on sphinn. Thanks for stopping by!

    5. kelvin newman

      From what I’ve read so far there’s some quality content going up there.

      The growth from a standing start is pretty impressive,
      Spose that’ll be be the collective esperience of those involved.
      be interesting if you do some seomoz style stats sharing at some point

    6. Steaprok

      Hey guys wonderful concept, Ill stay tune and add you to my reader!

    7. brian

      @kelvin: thanks, it’s been an exciting launch! We’ll have to think about something cool seomoz stats style to do there.

      @steaprok: thanks, and glad to have ya!


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