Propeller Hits the 400,000 User Mark

Propeller, the new home of Netscape social news

Don’t count out Propeller yet.

AOL’s stake in social news, previously known as Netscape, has just crossed through the 400,000 registered users mark (as spotted on the realtime user tracker):

Propeller hits the 400,000 user mark

Valleywag certainly got me curious about Propeller again after reports of Wil Wheaton seeing the next Propeller version.
Since everyone calls Propeller a Digg clone, here’s a short timeline of where Digg stands with its user base:

8/06 – 500,000
3/7/07 – 1 million
(If anyone’s got a link to a more recent reference to where Digg is at, put it in the comments and I’ll revise. My guesstimate is they are probably getting close to 2 million.)

Compare these community sizes to more recent niche social news site Sphinn, which has 5,759 registered users.

(show the math, you say? ok. Check the current users: 50 per page x 115 pages of users + 9 on last page = 5759).


  1. Venkittu

    It ‘s not a surprise,but I feel that you should change name
    from Propeller to Netscape which has a charm of its own &
    is more appealing to all of us.
    .I am a regular user of NETSCAPE Browser.

  2. brian

    @Venkittu – it was called Netscape, but AOL decided that they wanted to make that more of an information portal rather than social news. So, they took the social news Netscape and moved it over to Propeller.

  3. Matt

    Had no idea Propeller was getting this big…nice to see more competition out here though, and it does show you should never count out a company/idea especially on the internet

  4. brian

    @matt: very true. Propeller has been an up and coming sleeper to the social news arena.

  5. Karl

    This is great news, Netscape social news needed something fresh and this is a good start. They still need to redesign the site, though.


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