You Know You’re a Social Media Addict When…

Digg hoodie

(image credit: Jinx)

Ok, this is a true story that happened to me 2 days ago. I was in a bank parking lot and saw a random guy wearing a Digg hoodie. Soon after, I found myself walking over to him, thinking I’d start talking about about digg, but then I thought …wtf am i doing? I don’t even know this guy (he didn’t appear to be Muhammad Saleem or any other notable diggers, but you never know)!

He was talking to a friend and I was kind of standing around and then he went into his car so I left. This was such a weird feeling. Would you go up to a random stranger on the street? What do you say – “hey nice Digg Hoodie?” “what’s your username?”

Sometimes it is hard to make social media offline translate into a meaningful experience. Naturally a coordinated even like SMX will bring things together, but random encounters walking up to people might give people the wrong idea about you… πŸ™‚


  1. brian

    @Mark: yes, it would have been good to have met him, but he was already in the car and going away. I’m far from shy and it met have been beneficial.

  2. Jason Falls

    Ah, Brian. You don’t know the joys of being a redneck yet. Here in the Bluegrass, we’d just yell out and interrupt them, “YEAH DIGG!” and waive. If he was curious, he’d stop and chat.

    But I applaud your civility.

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  3. brian

    @Jason: you caught me. I’m not a redneck. You’ve got to admit that redneck and Digg are not typically used in the same sentence…well, maybe to make fun of rednecks πŸ™‚

    Just playing, KY is a great place.

  4. Social Media Mom

    I would love to see someone in a Digg shirt. I would totally go up and meet them, find out if they have a blog or what. I might even ask about the sweatshirt, like did he buy it off the site or get it as a prize or convention or what. Great conversation starter. He was probably wearing it so someone would say something.

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  5. brian

    @Social Media Mom: yeah, he got away before I spoke to him. Don’t worry, I’ll get the next one and randomly interview them here πŸ™‚

  6. MikeonTV

    Its the guys with the NowSourcing shirt you shouldn’t talk to! j/p

  7. Lucy Dee

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Muhammad Saleem! I hung out with him–twice (on 2 different occasions!) And I had a blast!

    But I digress: Let us briefly reevaluate the phrase, “social media.”

    That first word: “social” … is important to pay attention to. I think that’s the key thing you missed out on. Becoming social! It’s not just for the net, you know…

    So just do it already! You only live once! Next time you see a social media-head like that, just say something. Trust me! People love to be chatted up, especially on such a “specialized” subject.

    You’re a part of a small clan, that will hopefully grow bigger. But unfortunately, a lot of people will never catch on and surf Digg pages or StumbleUpon any SU sites. Don’t be afraid. Plus, it’ll make great dinner conversation for you (and the person you chat up).

    Lucy Dee’s last blog post..2008 awaits…

  8. brian

    @MikeonTV: dude, you’re totally not getting NowSourcing shirt! πŸ™‚

    @ Lucy Dee: I’m very social, and the guy left before I got to him. Figured that this experience would be something that many in the “clan” as you put it could relate to.

  9. brian

    @Jason (not Falls): sometimes you do what you have to do break the ice. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a real window of opportunity…

    Glad you liked the post.

  10. John

    You know your a social media addict when…

    You log off your laptop in bed, roll over, turn on your iPhone to do your last tweet of the day -and silently praise yourself for shutting down your laptop before 1 am.

  11. brian

    @John: …and 1am is just your daily nap, and you’re back for more at 2:30am! πŸ™‚

  12. SilentJay74

    For Jason, Mike, and Brian, if I see anyone wearing a Digg, Fark, or any other social media swag here in Ky, I will talk to them. I got no problem breaking the ice. Speaking of which, I can’t wait to see everyone on the 22nd.
    L8r guys! Great article!

  13. Jansie Blom

    i thought rednecks made fun of digg?

  14. brian

    @SilentJay74: Way to break the ice and looking forward to the 22nd (more on that soon).

    @Jansie: no. Everyone makes fun of Digg πŸ™‚

  15. Manish Pandey

    Wow! What an awkward feeling would it have been. Umm…I might have gone to him and asked how do you do? Keep myself away from asking his digg username, well I don’t think he would have frowned upon you.

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  16. jesie

    I would probably ask where he bought his Digg hoodie from? Perhaps I am a lady I could ask such questions. Then see how the conversation goes.

    Too bad he drove away.

  17. SOL_667

    I think everyone is looking for a connection. I wear my “Not even Norton can protect you” all the time and I get tons of great comments. I believe Geek has become a subculture of its own and to wear a digg hoodie is a way of identifying yourself with this subculture. Maybe he wears it to have people connect with him?

  18. that jon jackson

    ha ha ha.
    That’s awesome.

    Too bad that “kindred spirits” feeling wore off before you said something.

    I do stuff like that, but my rational thinking doesn’t kick in till after the conversation.

  19. stonedparadox

    i think you potentially just lost a friend there

    or a type of friend to be honest

    if THAT was me and i saw him i would of instantly walked over and had a chat with him

    do u remember that build your own nation website?
    i was at a concert and THEY were there and they had there flag
    it was like 4/5 of them
    i went over to them and had a ball with them

    theres always a chance they could be assholes but thats the risk u task

    Risk it for a buscuit as they say

  20. Gab "SEO ROI" Goldenberg

    I went to the monthly Yulbiz here in Montreal, noticed a guy wearing a Digg shirt and went over to talk to him. Turns out he was a frog in the valley, and had gotten the shirt from some party that Digg threw. Been one of my best contacts ever, since leading to a few leads and my first speaking engagement (Facebook Camp Montreal). Very cool guy, and at the heart of Montreal’s tech action.

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  21. Reflectioner

    I don’t even have the guts to order a T-shirt from Alexa with my blog name on it. I can’t imagine myself in a position where I have to talk to somebody who knows me or heard about me on the internet. That’s something still taboo.

    Reflectioner’s last blog post..How to make your own motivational posters