Cure Your Fail Whale Twitter Blues With

Fail Whale

If you too got fed up with the whale carrying birds, then you must have turned you attention and free time to another micro-blogging platform. First came Jaiku, then Pownce, after which people started turning to Twitter. When the whale failed ashore, we turned our attention to Plurk. Not a new player has come into the scene by the name of


So after hearing people talking about it, I too decided to create an account just to claim my username. It is named by many “the Twitter killer” and they are right on a certain level. It allows the federated use of the service (, it comes equipped with Jabber IM and OpenID support. More upcoming features include SMS, URL shortening or cross posting to similar platforms. In theory, the service is a great, reliable alternative to Twitter. even included their service in their system, so that you can update all the services at once.


So why haven’t you heard more of it? Why hasn’t everyone moved there? Plurk is still going strong, with traffic increasing daily, updates coming at a steady rate. Twitter works by leaps and bounds, but it does the trick at least half of the times. However, twitter has what many other similar services don’t have: the numerous active users. They might leave for a brief amount of time, while Twitter uses the newly appointed funds to improve its platform.


I for one dislike the simple interface of, resembling Twitter’s. I am updating my Twitter profile less and less since Plurk came along. All in all, the platform you use depends on what kind of user you are: for providing updates about your blog or simply sharing information, use Twitter; for keeping in touch with your friends on a daily basis and building your relationship, use Plurk; when others fail, is the backup option.

About the author:maxyRO is a social media maven, web 2.0 enthusiast, passionate writer and blogger since he first came across digg or stumbleupon. Find out more about him by checking out his blog or profiles.


  1. xirclebox

    Sweet!!! I’m in the screen shot!!!

    I am really digging I like twitter as well and I think if can handle enormous amounts of traffic and can get some of the other features that helped make twitter so user friendly, it will do great. The “Replies” tab came sometime with in the past 16 hours. IM functionality would be good too.

    xircleboxs last blog post..Google Getting Better At Indexing Flash Sites

  2. Grant

    This is certainly a big pain/problem.

    But I must say I’m going back to twitter from plurk because it is becoming more stable, plurk is there just because I like the conversation interaction, also I like the karma thing going on. I’m still 60/40 to twitter though.

    Grants last blog post..1

  3. Clark

    Theres just too many social networking sites nowadays. And that whale pic would surely win tshirt design sites such as threadless.

    Clarks last blog post..1

  4. Time Tracking

    You may also want to check out FriendFeed! I like FriendFeed better than Twitter or Plurk. FriendFeed is definitely way better than Identica.

  5. Law Guy

    Did they come up with an alternative to this now? Ive been looking for something relative to whats going on now and this doesn’t seem to still be effective. FriendFeed is OK – but still not superior.

  6. Brian Wallace

    @Law Guy:
    The best alternative to this would be another system by the name of Yammer. It’s kind of like private corporate Twittering.

  7. Torino

    What can I do with Twitter?