So, What Does Your Dad Do For a Living?

[Special guest post for Friday fun from none other than my daughter. No, really.]

Brian Wallace

Everyone thinks their dad is weird. But I, on the other hand, know my dad is totally crazy. He does this thing called “Social Media” or whatever. I can’t even count the times that he’s tried to explain it to me. Don’t get me wrong, I mean my dad is amazingly cool. All the ridiculously hilarious (and usually meaningless) videos on YouTube that have come out within the last 30 seconds, he knows about and feels necessary to show me and tell me about it.

Back to this Social Media (or whatever) I’ve started to understand. Started. It’s a bit hard to grasp at first, that’s why I’m stuck writing about how I absolutely know nothing about anything, I mean writing about what my dad does and how he knows everything about everything. So all the time, I hear my dad talking about this thing called “Plurk” and “Mixx” and “Digg” and whenever he brings these things up, I suggest making a parody of them called “Crapp“. But that never really works out.

Basically what I know about his job is that he talks to a lot of people all over the world, makes websites cool and popular (relatively speaking) and gets paid for it. Seriously. I suppose their might be more to it, but with my youthful ignorance, I see this job as a cakewalk!

Bring your (annoying) children to work...

And so, one day, I decided I wanted to help…boy was that a good idea. Right now he’s clickin’ and clackin’ around on his laptop, no doubt reading over my shoulder in the office. And I’m just silently frustrated, wondering why my dad couldn’t have a scuba diving equipment store, or drive a boat or at least own NASA. But, no, he does the boring job. Which really isn’t so boring once you think about it.


  1. Jeff F.

    that’s so cute… ironically, i think she knows more about ‘Social Media’ (or whatever) than my girlfriend…. whom I also try to explain it too about a hundred times.

  2. Carol Deckert

    Brian! Your daughter is so cute – I love her description of what you do – especially the “clicking and clacking!” I’m glad she’s learning about all this already – she’ll be “miles” ahead of her classmates when they start studying this!

    I’m sure you are very proud of her, rightfully so!

    Keep on clicking and clacking!

    Happy Netweaving,

    Carol Deckerts last blog post..1

  3. Matt McGee

    I literally guffawed at the “Crapp” reference — what a brilliant idea. Shame someone owns the domain, that would be gold. 🙂

    Brian – your daughter is awesome, thanks for posting this (both of you).

    Matt McGees last blog post..Speaking of Local Blogging Competition…

  4. Mark O'Neill

    I love the Crapp parody idea! Maybe you should register the domain name?!

    Will you Crapp my link? Oh yes, I can see it as the next big social network!

  5. Brian Wallace

    Shana, Jeff, Carol, Matt, Mark, and Chris:

    I’m sorry that I neglected to respond to all of you! Thought I had before, but looks like that didn’t happen!

    My daughter was flattered when she saw all the comments. It’s a wonderfully encouraging thing to see at such an age.

    We shall see if she’ll do a follow up post soon.

    What was really cool about all the commenters here is that I’m big fans of all of your work! It’s good to see that such a post rang true to you guys.

  6. Charly Leetham

    Hey Brian – very cool in a sweeeet style by your daughter. She truly has her own ‘voice’ and GOOD ON HER!

    Keep up the excellent work, young lady – I hope to see more from you…. really.