Taking Social Media to the Streets: 10 Folks in 10 Weeks

…and no, this doesn’t mean that I want to fight you. 🙂 I wanted to talk to you about a new goal that I’ve started on. Goal setting is a great way to measure where you are, where you want to be, and can help you on how to get there. So I’ve decided to start a new goal…

Goal: To meet 10 people that are involved in social media that I’ve never met IRL, and sit down and have an IRL conversation with them over the next 10 weeks.  Look people, social media isn’t just Twittering and Digging.  It’s about the conversation, right? So, let’s converse!

If you’re in the Louisville area, let’s grab a cup of coffee and discuss what’s important to you. The only rules:

  • You must be someone I’ve never met before IRL
  • Come unarmed 😉

Only a few hours into bringing this plan into fruition, I’ve set an appointment with David Finch. We’re meeting on Thursday, and will keep you in the loop on how it goes!

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  1. BarbaraKB

    True confession: I was *in* Louisville Labor Day weekend and did not look you up. Thought about it and yet…. I needed a break from social media contacts. I promise I will next time… 😉

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  2. Brian Wallace

    @BarbaraKB totally understandable. Sometimes you really need to take a break from social. And that’s basically why I’ve put this mission together. One-on-one in person is a whole other dynamic and should be fun.

    Already have booked the first 2 weeks, let me know if you’d like to meet up the week of the 22nd! 🙂

  3. Tibi Puiu

    He, sounds like a great idea, Brian, although you and me meeting IRL could pose some difficulties. And no, i don’t need guns when i’ve a good pair of hands 😀

    Tibi Puius last blog post..The Homeric Way of Blogging: Storytelling

  4. MikeonTV

    In the next ten weeks I wont be in the Louisville area however I shall be in Cambodia and Africa. Think you’ll be around that neck of the woods?

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  5. Brian Wallace

    @Tibi Puiu – what difficulties would we face in meeting one another? I’ve got to hear this one…

    @MikeonTV – wasn’t planning on heading for Cambodia and Africa anytime soon, but thanks for asking 🙂

  6. Jim Gross

    Great idea, but about twelve years too late for me. In 1995-96, I lived about 45 minutes from Louisville (on the other side of the Ohio River in Hanover, Indiana) before relocating to the DFW area.

    No plans to be back in the area anytime soon, but I look forward to reading about this outcome of this social experiment in the coming weeks.


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