One-on-One: Meeting David Finch

(Brian Wallace and David Finch enjoying a chat over coffee)

Well, off we go on our first week of the 10 in 10 experiment. In case you missed it, I’m on a mission to meet 10 folks that I’ve never met in real life before over the next 10 weeks. I’ll start making a hashtag in Twitter for this as well for future easy tracking: #10in10.

I think that 10 in 10 provides an interesting alternative that other in person networking events and online social media interactions do not necessarily cover:

  • Introverts are more comfortable with a one-on-one setting: less pressure, easier to open up
  • Networking events might not allow you enough quality time with an individual
  • Networking events may have some cliques already, and if you’re not a part of them, that sucks
  • You often will gravitate towards people you already know, so you miss out on meeting new people
  • Social media is a great way to connect, but you don’t necessarily know who you are dealing with
  • There is more to meeting people than a handshake and a business card

So this week I had the pleasure of meeting David Finch, Producer at Vupal Network LLC.

I learned some good things about David and what he does for a living. I knew that he blogged on his site, but I didn’t know much about his main gig over at Vupal. And by the look of things, they are producing some awesome content that is all about food. Dear readers, I suggest you check out some of their sites:

It was also cool to hear that David is fairly new to Louisville as well. We’ve been here for about a year and a half now, so it’s always good to hear how other people wind up here as well 🙂

I knew of David before, but now I’ve been able to spend some quality time with him. I’m sure we’ll see each other again, and perhaps we’ll be able to help each other out in each other’s efforts as well. So as you can see, we’re really off to a great start! Looking forward to our next 10 in 10 this coming Tuesday where I’ll be meeting a Mr. Kevin Mason who is graciously driving all the way from Nashville!

Which brings me to another point…toying with the idea of giving a small prize to the person that travels the farthest – anyone want to get in on that action? 😉


  1. Dr. Sally Witt


    What a great adventure!

    I wish that you were in the Philly/Princeton areas so that I could be on your list!

    Well, I will satisfy myself by keeping up with you on twitter and skype!

    Well done,


    Dr. Sally Witts last blog post..1


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