Do Autoburies Exist on

[Today’s guest post brought to you by numberneal].

I have seen mainstream sites, such as, aol news,, make the front page of digg with 100, 80, 59 diggs. The algo appears to be biased towards mainstream sites. I have made 152 pages popular by mostly submitting mainstream sites – – without any effort; I barely shout if ever, and I hardly pass links around on im.

I have seen sites with great content and api tools get buried when digg realizes the webmaster is a digg user, even after amassing more diggs than a landscaper – hundreds of diggs, literally. Some sites will not make the front page no matter how many diggs they generate. Even if they reach what would be typically deemed as a front page threshold – e.g. 300, 400, 1000 diggs.

Do you believe that autoburies or administrative buries exist on I want to know your opinion. Hit me on Twitter.



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