Shades of Green: Hugg Green Social Network to Close

Treehugger brand, a Discovery company, has decided to close the doors on Hugg, a popular green social news site.



On November 17th, 2008, Hugg will no longer accept new submissions or registrations. Hugg will remain publicly viewable until the end of the year, at which time will be closed. The domain will be directed towards a new feature on the TreeHugger forums where participants will be able to post and comment on interesting green links (coming soon). We welcome you to the thriving community at the TreeHugger forums and hope you’ll join us now to carry on the discussion. Go ahead and poke around on the forums – we think you’ll like it and enjoy conversing with such a diverse group of intelligent, passionate people!

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to the many Hugg users who have poured time and energy into providing the community with tons of great content. Unfortunately, due to increasing maintenance costs, we can no longer provide Hugg with the resources it needs to continue.

Please email with any questions or comments.

Thank you.

(h/t – Paul Smith)

Still need to get your green social voting fix?

Consider some alternative sites:


Mindbodygreen – The source for the newest and most popular news on better, healthier, greener living.

Care2 – Provides powerful tools to make a difference in your life, community, country and world. It’s driven by passionate people (just like you) who want to restore the world’s balance.

Gaia – Gaia is a social network / online community for eco-conscious and “spiritually aware members.” It encourages and enables members to search for friends who have the same interests and collaborate on projects that make a difference.


  1. Affan Laghari

    Just posted this comment on Sphinn, thought I should copy/paste here too for your readers:
    I have used all 3: Hugg, Care2 & MindBodyGreen.

    The problem with Hugg is that there’s nothing much social about it. Nobody posts comments, you can’t add other Huggers, you can’t share stories. And stories with 7-8 quick huggs would make front page. A guy I know once made 10 gmail accounts from a single PC, registered at Hugg 10 times using these addresses, and then submitted a story and Voted for it from all 10 accounts. Unsurprisingly, the story made front page in 10-15 minutes.
    And their support was pathetic. So frequently, I would see Breast enlargement submissions and similar stuff.

    In comparison, MindBodyGreen is a bit better. There support is good and all. However, the problem is that they aren’t marketing themselves and aren’t that famous. And their design isn’t as flashy and attractive as should be. Result: You don’t get much traffic even if you get to front page. Also, they have a weird algo. Almost always I see, whenever a frequent user submits a story, it automatically gets 6 votes and comes to the front page, then goes down sometimes.

    Care2 seems to be the best if you want to socialize and find like-minded souls. However, the problem with Care2 is that their site is so sticky that one of their users will go to your site, will submit your story, and then, he will copy your whole article, will paste it as the first comment, and all of them will start discussing it on Care2 without bothering to visit your site. Again, you won’t get much traffic even if your story hits front page.

    Suggestion: Use StumbleUpon instead. I don’t need to say anything else. Just try it and you’ll see.

  2. mdestries

    Hugg should have been shuttered a good 16 months ago. After the new revision, it stopped being an interesting social media alternative and more of an ugly bastard child of its former self.

    I agree with the above commenter. StumbleUpon is where it’s at. Plus, the comments and traffic potentials are that much greater.

    mdestriess last blog post..Green Couple Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr Engaged?


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