Week 6 – Meeting Erin McMahon aka Firestar9s

Believe it or not, Erin McMahon aka Firestar9s is the first woman to be featured in the #10in10 experiment.  Erin currently works for the Metro United Way of Louisville.  It was a lot of fun speaking with Erin, and hearing about social media activities through the point of view of a non-profit.  Erin definitely has a can-do attitude, and is eager to learn social media.  Metro United Way is already on the way into the world of social media, as can be seen from the Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube links off the homepage.  I first spotted Erin off Twitter, and is one to watch.

Erin asked a lot of specific questions about blogging and her natural curiosity shows a high aptitude for a road to success in social media. It was a pleasure meeting with her, and look forward to speaking with her in the future.

Come on, y’all – don’t be shy.  Wouldn’t you like to win an iPod Nano? Come from the furthest to meet me, and Geeks.com will send one to your door.  You might even get a coffee out of the deal 😉

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  1. Erin McMahon

    Thanks Brian! It was a pleasure meeting you also. I hope we have a chance to talk further. 🙂

    Pity I won’t be the winner of that Nano!

  2. mmo

    With a can do attitude and the right people behind you, social media will become something you can get really good at. best of luck


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