New: Daily Blogging Format

Ever since being immersed in microblogging – Twitter and to a lesser extent Plurk – I’ve noticed that I have been blogging way too infrequently.  That’s just not fair to the readers.  While I may have a good Tweet or two, what’s the chance that you caught it? You are probably more likely going to regularly visit my blog or RSS feed of the blog to capture the latest news here. (Yes, I know you can subscribe to one’s Tweets, but who really wants all the noise?)

That said, I’m going to try a one post per day (not counting the weekend) pace for a while.  This will allow me to elaborate beyond the sometimes too brief 140 characters, yet get to the point of a daily piece of wisdom.

As I mentioned on the new Collective Thoughts Twitter account: expect more.

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  1. Arch

    I must try to do one a day … Would like to reach Twitter Elite


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