How is Your Blog Pitching Rotation?

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I’m a sucker for analogies.  Baseball analogies in particular.  Even if you don’t like baseball, you should appreciate this one: your blogging staff is like a pitching rotation.

For those of you that *gasp* don’t know baseball well enough to follow the analogy, let me explain.  A pitching rotation in baseball is a group of high stamina starting pitchers that will pitch every few days.

The point here is that no single pitcher has to pitch every single day so that they will get burned out.

As with blogging, if you personally were expected to blog daily along with your other duties and goals in life, you might find it challenging.  Having regular blog contributors help you tow the line that is your blog.  Regular business blogging has enough upside that it should be in your best interest for you to get yourself a pitching rotation if you do not already have one.

Here’s what I look for in firming up my blog pitching rotation:

Opposites attract. Not to say that the other writers need to be polar opposites in personality, though it definitely gives a blog good character to have multiple regular voices.

Editorial skills.  Unless you are employing an editor to oversee all posts, the writer should be able to hold their own with a professionally edited piece.  Nothing loses your audience like the you’re /  your and to / too nightmares and beyond.

They are social media users.  It certainly helps to have writers that are already immersed in social media, as they will then have a knack for how to cater to social news site goers.  Socialites to be are still ok, as you can show them the ninja arts, too.

They know how to blog.  Seems like a no-brainer at first, though there is a huge difference between an essay/book writer and a blogger. Bloggers know how to write for the web, find appropriate images, are masterful of internal and external linking, and know how to respond to comments.  This is a must.

They have time.  Good bloggers are in high demand – make sure that the blogger can keep up with the schedule that you agree on.

How do you keep your blog pitching rotation steady?

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