Week #8 Meeting My Neighbor?

It’s been a couple of weeks, so it’s time for a #10in10 update.  And a bit different of an update this time.  If you’ve been following my whereabouts lately or are in the area, you’d know that Louisville has been hit with a powerful ice storm that kept us out of the house without power for days. Upon our return, we have power once again, but the dreaded internet is down – what to do?

Funny the way things work out sometimes…we’ve lived in our new home almost 2 years now, and really haven’t spoken much to our neighbor.  Big disaster type storms have a way of connecting people, and that’s just what this storm did.  I spoke to my neighbor about letting me on to his secure wifi, and sure enough he had no problem with this! Saved me quite a few trips to the local coffee shop and allowed me to work uninterrupted.  Sometimes it’s great to just step away from the computer (even when forced in this case 🙂 ), out of the echo chamber, and connect with real live people…even when they aren’t into social media (yet anyways mwhahaha).

2 to go until the big iPod winner (sponsored by Geeks.com) going to the person that drives the furthest to meet up, currently Kevin Mason from Nashville.

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  1. Joe

    Very cool Brian! I’m a new subscriber to your blog and had to read back to your “Taking it to the Streets” post to get caught up. I feel social media in many ways can be a time suck, at least until real relationships develop. Our goal with social media has been to connect with people initially online, then take them offline. In fact, we did our first tweetup a few week ago and will be doing another next week. In our area, probably the first twitter meetings, ever!

    Joes last blog post..I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little

  2. Brian Wallace

    Joe: glad to see a new subscriber commenting! Agreed that social media can be a time suck, though once you get into the swing of things, it can get easier and more efficient. Online/offline is also very important – glad to hear that you had your first tweetup!


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