When a Chat Becomes a Blog Post


Sometimes the best blog posts stem from conversations with our friends. In case you missed it yesterday, we talked about a post on the implications of people that are deceased from chatting with a friend. Today, I had a chance to chat with my friend Mark Dykeman, owner of broadcasting-brain.com. He had an ominous status message “is looking for a muse, any muse will do,” so I thought I would pop in and see what was doing.

After some discussion, it seemed clear that Mark had quite a lot of responsibility going on in his professional life, and was looking for direction on how to move forward with his blog.  Here are some suggestions that I had for him:

1 – get a bunch of regular writers to join the ranks. Guest writers are ok too, though in the long run could be more stressful as you will need to manage time carefully or even have to cover for them if nobody comes through with a post.

2 – sell the blog. Perhaps it is time to move on to new endeavors.

3 – change the blog’s focus. Mark has a variety of interests, and it may be time to just refocus away from where things started.


Mark has primarily been writing about social media and it seems that his focus and interest is leading him to different directions for 2009 if you look at his most recent posts.

Mark is an excellent writer, and I think that his audience will grow to appreciate whatever direction he takes Broadcasting Brain.  Best of luck Mark, in whichever way you decide to go!

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  1. Mark Dykeman

    Thanks Brian! I didn’t mean to sound ominous in the Facebook status, was just capturing my thoughts at the moment in time. I still appreciate the advice, though.

    Mark Dykemans last blog post..Miscellaneous updates for the end of a week