Fun with WordPress

The new site here has been converted wholly into the new blog layout/format, so there is a single UI throughout the site.  Thanks to a little WordPress fun, this was a pretty easy conversion.

So, SEO friends…what do you think about displaying your entire site within WordPress? Do you prefer that over having several static pages outside WordPress? I kind of liked the thought of keeping everything simple and controlled by one system, and just am redirecting the rest.

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  1. David  Jaeger

    My own site was built in wordpress. Ironically enough, I have 2 installations, and the sub-directory is actually a real directory. WordPress automates much of the SEO work, e.g. updating sitemaps when a post comes out, pinging all of the update services and a host of other features that I’ve spent hours on w/o WordPress. I like to build the static site in WordPress as well. (Disclosure: I’m a wordpress evangelist.)

  2. Brian Wallace

    @David: WordPress is a wonderful thing, how can you help yourself from being an evangelist 🙂 The real power of WordPress is when you truly take the time to know what you’re doing inside and out.

  3. Steven Bradley

    Bryan I used to add WordPress onto already existing static sites, but the more I’ve gotten to know WordPress the more I lean to having the whole site be on WordPress. WP makes it easy to set all those static pages so why not take advantage of that ability.

    More and more I’m using WP for even static sites that don’t even have a blog.

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  4. Brian Wallace

    @Steven: thanks for stopping in! Having the whole site in WP is a great strategy…so many people have this negative stigma of what a blog is, that they lose sight that WP is a publishing platform, a lightweight CMS.

  5. Brian Wallace

    @victorseo: appreciate your position on this. I’d agree that most CMS based systems are lacking when it comes to front-end aesthetics, though I wouldn’t throw WordPress into the same group. WordPress is a blogging platform with a vibrant and large theme developer community. They take quite a bit of care and pride making themes that are both pleasing to the eye and quite functional. Your article didn’t address WordPress. That said, what do you think?

  6. victorseo

    I am not sure. I am going to put my blog on wordpress and I will be interested to see if the development community can empower me to create and attractive rich media gui. I am eager to see samples of wordpress based websites that are aesthetically pleasing…..

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  7. Martin Hemmer

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