Twitter + Inspiration = Twinspiration

Image by anguila40 / Alejandro Groenewold via Flickr

For those that know of me through Twitter, you’ve probably come across my morning greetings that go out nearly every day.

Some have told me privately that this is a source of inspiration for them.  When I was chatting with a client recently and he had brought up my positivity in these morning tweets, I told him that nobody was doing it so I had to come in and fill the gap.  A bit tongue in cheek, though why be so positive you might ask?
I believe this is a positive character trait – a quality even powerful enough to make a statesman out of a mere politician.  (Amazing, but true!) People sometimes lose sight of how good they have it, how many things they take for granted.  A month ago we were affected by the worst ice storm in the history of the state, and were driven away from our home.  Many people faced much worse conditions yet we all have something we can  find that’s worth being grateful for.

Was just reading a bit of New York Times Bestseller Dave Pelzer’s Book, Help Yourself.  In it, Pelzer talks about people always waiting to reach their goals and then they’ll be happy.  Once I get that promotion, once the kids go off to school, once we take that vacation, then we’ll truly be living it up.  Well folks, goals are great, though we are not just automotons going through the motions and checking off items on our to do lists.  If you aren’t living life to the fullest while you are trying to reach for your goals, you may lose yourself in the process and become a resentful, tired person.

So until tomorrow, I tweet you good day! 🙂