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Image of Peter Shankman from Twitter
Image of Peter Shankman

(note: this post was written at 30,000 feet on the way in to Austin, Texas)

While most of my inspirational posts are original, it is worth noting when other hit gold.  Peter Shankman, of HARO fame, recently posted an excellent list of tips when traveling.  Peter is a true social media road warrior, and I trust that he’s been through enough bumps and bruises along the way to save us the trouble.

I highly recommend that you read the original post if you are even an occasional traveler, and let me add one to Peter’s list:

Spend some time reflecting about where you are in life.  Sometimes a change in perspective can really shed some light on areas in which you are succeeding, as well as areas that need more focus and attention.

Happy Memorial Day, dear readers, even if you are working today, try to step back and see where you measure up – compared to where you want to be.

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