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Sears Is Cool Again: Group Camera Testing

Sears Electronics recently tried a fresh strategy to spread the word about Samsung’s new DualView ST600 camera. Along with a touch screen and both front and rear displays, the camera comes packed with a lot of features previously reserved for high-end devices. So what better way to publicize the ST600 than getting together Chicago’s leading bloggers and putting the camera in their hands?

From there, Sears appears to be hoping that the rest will take care of itself. Some of those involved have already written lengthy blog posts with their full reviews, and the photos taken during the one-day event are making the rounds. Check out the video below to see how everything went down. The camera itself is getting positive feedback, and Sears has definitely unearthed a fresh way to create some buzz.

So what do you think, is this the future of public relations campaigns? How would you feel about being part of a group product test? Let us know with a comment.


  1. Dave Van de Walle

    Pretty clever on the part of Sears.

    I’ll assume this product is not exclusive to them. So, the value of the reviews, video, hold-it-in-your-hands nature of this experiment — getting these folks talking about the product as opposed to where it’s available — might actually serve as a 3rd party endorsement of Sears as a destination to buy stuff like this.

    Points scored for Sears.

  2. Daniel Honigman

    Thanks so much for the (digital) ink, Brian. We’re excited to test out new programs like the Sears Megapixel Meetup and would welcome the opportunity to do something like this again!