Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab


Weighing in at an incredibly portable 0.84 pounds, measuring a height of 7.49 inches by a width of 4.74 inches, and sporting two cameras complete with LED flash and video calling capabilities; we give you: The Samsung Galaxy Tab.

In our age where computers are getting smaller, televisions are getting thinner and communication is faster and easier than ever, it’s no small wonder that society would have the bright idea of putting all those things together in one convenient package, the Tab.

Describing a tab is like trying to describe the highway system (or even a car) to the general public of 200 years ago. Even now in our busy, technical age, the tab (or pad) really is a new creation in itself.

The laptop computer is the sleeker, more portable and stylish cousin to the home desktop, and is more widely used and accepted as the “computer”. Wifi is offered in nearly every hipster coffee shop and bookstore nationwide, hotels and campgrounds are even hopping on the bandwagon. And yet, it is still never forgotten where the laptop had evolved: the desktop.

The fancy new televisions, that have become thinner than ever imagined, have made televisions from just five years ago seem obsolete and outdated. But who can forget where it came from?


The tab is completely different. Yes, sure we can see the inspiration for this incredibly cool device. The internet capabilities and computer like qualities come from, well, the computer itself. And yet is has virtually no resemblance to the computer itself (just look at it). The two cameras, one complete with flash and the other for optimum video chatting, which is beautifully blending a phone call with a face to face conversation; sure that’s nothing new for a phone, but this isn’t a phone. It’s not a computer, or a camera, or an mp3 player. It’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

All in all, the YouTube format was impressive, streaming videos had good quality and sound; better than I would have expected for sound only coming out of the bottom, but still. I enjoyed a few round of Angry Birds in great detail, and nearly forgot I was supposed to be writing a review, not exploding those pigs.

I really like this contraption. It is a formidable competitor to the iPad, while its smaller size makes it more convenient to carry and less obnoxious to use on a crowded subway, while still being able to get things done. Whatever they may be.

Plus, it’s cool looking.


  1. Rishi

    How about a hybrid between a laptop and cell phone?

  2. Jensen Millard

    @Rishi isn’t that an iPad?


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