10 Inspiring Earth Day Infographics

It’s that time again. Earth Day. Whether you’re totally into the movement or just want to save a few bucks, the green movement cannot be ignored. What follows is a collection of my favorite Earth Day related infographics to help bring out the environmentally consciousness in you (click on any image for the full version):

1 – The Internet is Killing the Planet

Wordstream has a great infographic up portraying how much energy computer related tasks take. Who knew that one simple Google search for soylent green produces the same amount of CO2 as driving a car 3 inches?

2 – What is the Value of One Tree?

Myemma has a good visualization on the importance of even a single tree.

3 – How ‘Green’ is the Apple iPhone?

Mobile Magazine has a great infographic on how ‘green’ or maybe un-‘green’ the Apple iPhone really is. Incredible that charging each iPhone sold in 2010 just once, will power a light bulb for 357 years!

4 – Going Green Can Also Help Save Some Green

TeleNav brings you this infographic giving you driving facts and tips to help you go green to save a little green. In January alone, there were enough miles driven nationwide to travel to the sun and back 2,403 times!

5 – Talk About the Raw End of a Deal

Good.is brings you this infographic from a McGill University study that depicts how people in regions most vulnerable to effects of the climate change are the ones least responsible for the problem itself.

6 – Can Packing More Efficiently Help Save the Planet?

Mashable.com brings us this visualization from ModusLink explaining how something as simple as DVR package redesign can help the environment by eliminating 638 metric tons of C02.

7 – Efficient With Your Water Consumption?

Good.is brings you yet another infographic this Earth Day. This visualization shows you how much water you consume now and how much you could save by just changing a few habits and appliances.

8 – Household Carbon Emissions

The Brighter Planet shares this interesting infographic that shows household carbon emissions by region. Rural areas on average produce almost 6,000 pounds more CO2 than urban areas.

9 – Appreciating Water

No Impact Week New York has put together a visualization showing the importance of water and how it translates into other aspects of life. Can you believe it takes 300 tons of water to make 1 ton of steel?

10 – Waste in Space

Good.is brings you their third infographic on the list. This visualization takes you into the depths of outer space to show you that waste problems are not just affecting Earth, but also the atmosphere.

What’s your favorite infographic of the bunch? Got one we missed? Let us know in the comments and go out there and do something good for the world this Earth Day.

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  1. Mary

    The earth day info-graphics is very interesting and it gives new information on being environment-conscious. I like the poster which indicates the value of a tree and waste in space poster. I wasn’t aware that computer energy use is harmful to the environment.


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