Freaky Friday: My Social Media Montage

You know when you have one of those days where everything just seems strange?  You do a few double takes because you thought you saw a cat playing the piano, or a crazy chipmunk staring you down?  Well, that was my day last Friday.  The entire day I felt like the world was working together to creep me out and make me as uncomfortable as possible.  Seriously, I’m not joking.  Let me start from the beginning.

I woke up when my radio turned on at 7 o’clock.  While laying in bed listening to the radio, I was suddenly reminded it was Friday (TGIF!).  The morning radio show played a montage of songs containing the word “Friday”, and the first one really annoyed me.  I had never heard it before, and the only words sung were “Friday, Friday, Friday” over and over and over again.  Talk about a reason to get out of bed.  I immediately stood up, clicked over to iTunes and put on my favorite Weezer song.  I checked my email while I was at the computer and was excited to see a message from eHarmony.  The message was telling me someone was interested and my hopes for the day immediately got better.  Could this be the one and only I’ve been searching for?  I watched her promo video, and it turned out she’s not exactly my type.  You see, I’m a dog person through and through.  I love just about everything there is about dogs.  This girl though, she made it very clear that she LOVES cats.  It turns out her love for cats is at about the same level as my love for dogs.  Take a look at her video below and you will understand.


By the time I headed to work I had adjusted to the morning and was feeling pretty good.  I was still a little bummed about the eHarmony girl, but not enough to stop me from hitting up my favorite coffee shop.  As soon as I walked in I saw the cutest family.  There was a mom, dad, and two young boys sitting together on a couch.  The older boy was holding the young one in his lap and, for some odd reason, kept putting his fingers in his brother’s mouth.  I quickly learned the younger one’s name was Charlie, as his older brother yelled at him for biting his finger.  I wanted to tell him to stop, but it was just too funny.  “Charlie bit me,” he kept crying out in an English accent.  “Charlie bit me and that really hurt, and it’s still hurting.”  While still laughing uncontrollably, I ordered my coffee and took a seat to watch the morning news.  The news was covering the Miss Teen USA Pageant from the night before.  Apparently one of the contestants thought Americans couldn’t point out the USA on a world map because, well, they don’t have maps.  I’m sure she felt real smart after that.

When I left the coffee shop I cut through the park to get to work.  There’s typically a few yoga classes going on, but today there was a guy trying to do some ninja-like moves.  He had a wicked afro and, after failing miserably at a back flip, fell on his face when trying to do a nun chucks routine.  I kept walking and came across another strange person, but instead of ninja moves this guy was swinging around a metal stick.  I think he was pretending to be in Star Wars or something, but no one else was near to fight back.  I always thought the yoga people were weird, but they seem pretty normal compared to Friday’s park people.


When I finally got to work I didn’t think much else could happen.  That is, until I saw my co-worker.  He was sitting at his desk crying his eyes out with a sheet over his head.  I asked him what was going on and he simply kept repeating, “Leave Britney alone.”  I don’t know anyone named Britney, so I was extremely confused.  He also had a lot of dark makeup around is eyes, so yea, not sure what was going on there.

After seeing my delusional co-worker, I had about had it for the day.  I probably would have quit on the spot, but I had to leave early to take my son, David, to the dentist.  He ended up needing to have a tooth removed, which caused him to be quite loopy in the hours after.  He eventually calmed down, but only once I was preparing to leave for the night.  By the time the babysitter got there, he had become a much more normal seven year old.

My destination for the night was my good friend’s wedding, which ended up being more of a show than a traditional wedding.  The wedding party, in all seriousness, danced down the aisle.  Who does that?  There we were sitting in a lovely church, and suddenly Chris Brown’s Forever started blasting.  I think the old man in front of me nearly had a heart attack when he saw his granddaughter shaking her booty in God’s house.  I guess the bride and groom just couldn’t wait to have their first dance at the reception, though the reception was not without entertainment itself.  The bride’s cousin put together a montage of dances as a wedding present, titled “Evolution of Dance.”  It was pretty cool, I guess, but I was really getting tired of having to watch people dance.  The invitation never said this was going to be a themed wedding.


Once I made it home, I paid the sitter and immediately went to bed.  That was too much weirdness for one day.  Thankfully the rest of my weekend was pretty normal.  I took David to the zoo on Saturday, and we got to see a lion get reunited with his previous owner.  It was real touching, but my favorite part of the day was when we saw a mother panda get sneezed on by her cub.

So that was my Friday.  I don’t think I’ve had such a strange day in my life, and I hope to never have one again.  For a moment I thought it might be Friday the 13th, but it wasn’t.  I guess it was just my luck to run into all of the strangest people in one day.  How about you guys, did any of you have a weird Friday too?