Google and Hackers and Scams, Oh My: This Week in Infographics

Google and Hackers and Scams, Oh My: This Week in Infographics

This week’s infographics are filled with hackers, scams, Google’s riches and much more. Be prepared to be amazed, entertained, and maybe even a little angry.

1. The 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords

Google continues to amaze us all and with the increasing popularity of G+, so we wanted to break down exactly where Google is getting it’s green.

Where Does Google Make Its Money? [ infographic ]

2. Top Ten Scams

You may point and laugh when you see a few of these listed in our next infographic, only because you know exactly what we are talking about, but keep your eyes open for the ten common scams.


Top Online Scams [Infographic]

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3. Sony Versus GeoHot

No one likes to be hacked, but sometimes hackers can be funny, like George Hotz who was sued by Sony for jailbreaking the Playstation 3 – kinda sorta calls for an LOLZ. If it weren’t for people like him we wouldn’t have Facebook, which is probably why Facebook hired him. Hackers get to walk in the woods with Mark Zuckerberg.

Sony Versus GeoHot
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4. Evolution of the Household

This one is from Woman’s Day Magazine, it is well put together and cool to see how the times have changed.

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5. The Student Loan Scheme

This one makes me want to riot in the streets. If you are a college student or are currently paying off loans, be prepared to cringe.

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  1. John D

    Nice list, especially liked the keyword one, I’ve been looking for an updated list for a while.