I Still Love You Facebook: Confessions Of A Social Network Adulterer

I Still Love You Facebook: Confessions Of A Social Network Adulterer


I have been using the new Google + (G+) for the last two weeks or so and while I enjoy it, it still has not taken the place of my true social network, Facebook. Granted, G+ is still in the works and I have not fully taken advantage of all the features – I still have not fallen head over heels, nor do I think I will. When I first heard through the grapevine that there was a new social network on the block I was intrigued, and when I took the G+ tour, I really believed that Facebook may go the way of Myspace – but now that I have it and have the features, I’m kind of wondering what I need this for. For instance: whenever I hear something cool through G+, my first thought is to run and share it with Facebook, that can’t be right.

Facebook gives me everything I want and more, and it continues to surprise me with amazing innovation and new ways to stay connected. With G+ I have to wait for all of my friends to get on board with it – my friends are used to Facebook. Also, the status updates are awkward and have a few flaws, it just doesn’t seem worth it.

Another thing that is funny to me, is how similar G+ is to Facebook. They have all the same bells and whistles they just call it something different. The difference is that Facebook really does seem to have more to offer me when it comes to features and I’m already really comfortable with it.  I have put together a chart of some of the similarities I’ve noticed between Facebook and G+.

G+ is great, and definitely looks better format wise than Facebook, and I am not just going to delete G+ out of my life. I still have a circle of friends through G+ and I plan to check in every now and again –  but all in all, I have a real connection with Facebook, and that is the social network for me.


  1. Adam Bockler

    Google+ needs to stand out on its own. I see people whining about updating too many social networks and that there needs to be some kind of consolidating service.

    No. That is completely incorrect. Google+ was probably created because Google likely thought there was a need for their product to be different. They just haven’t gotten that across to the masses yet. You’d think better (though incomplete) privacy services would’ve been an effective selling point, given how much Facebook users hate giving themselves up to ad campaigns. Then again, maybe Google created a social network just to have one and thought its users would figure it out. If that’s the case, it’s a bad idea, in my opinion.

    If anything, I’d estimate we see a fragmentation in how users present themselves on each network. Maybe Facebook becomes family and close friends only. Twitter becomes everyone. And Google+ falls somewhere else.

  2. Abigail

    Kristina Carpenter is a well rounded writer. So much talent. I enjoy reading her posts.

  3. Lisa Harrison

    Loved this post which describes my thoughts to a T. The real test will be when my facebook network have access to Google+ and the real networking on Google+ begins.

  4. Hafiz Jan Mirzad

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  5. Leeannaholcombe