Infographics For The Social Media Maniac

The theme for this week in infographics proved to be quite tech-saavy. NowSourcing’s infographic for Onward Search analyzed the job opportunities for those of us in the design and social media industry. Our other featured infographics explore social media branding, the history of social networking, the Apple tree, and the evolution of how we communicate. These infographics have put important and humorous information in one place for all of us to eat our social media hearts out.

1. A Guide To UX Careers

UX Career Guide

2. Social Media Brandsphere

3. The History Of Social Networking

4. The Apple Tree

5. 10 Levels Of Intimacy In Today’s Communication


  1. Caitlin Evvard

    I absolutely love infographics because they present a significant amount of information in one visually appealing graphic. Great compilation!


  2. Kristina

    We are so glad to hear that! Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment.