Where To Eat If You Don’t Get The Job At Google (Infographics)

If you like Google and food, you are going to love our two new infographics. Our first explores what it takes to get a job at Google, so those of you interested: pay attention, because it is not easy. You will literally be one in a million applying and if you do get a shot you may be interviewing for months. If you don’t get the job, treat yourself to some good ole’ grub.

Our next infogrpahic investigates the power of casual dining. That’s right, for all of us that don’t have a Google Master’s income we enjoy the food of the not-Gods. Some of the leaders in this industry, based on sales are: Qdoba, Boston Market, and Panera. So here is a chance to learn something new – and if you do make it to Google, don’t forget who got you there.

What Does it Take to Get a Job at Google?

What does it take to get a job at Google

How Hot is Fast Casual Dining?

How hot is fast casual dining? [Infographic]



  1. Ayesha

    Wow, it must be very difficult to get in Google. Well, it’s a gigantic company, everyone working in there must be really talented. 😀

  2. navin

    Pretty cool infographics